Term 4 is finally here!

This week celebrated Niuean Language week and Diwali with songs, art wok and stories about each culture. W19 really enjoyed making our Rangoli and Hiapo designs and watching our patterns come alive. We are very proud of our Harmony for representing our class in the Niuean dance group and also particapating in the Niuean Singing competition for the year 5 and 6 team, bringing home 1st place well done. We also had our first session of our footsteps dance lesson this week. Our Dance instructors name is Jerry and she's really cool. We learnt a Hip hop dance set to the Song Gasolina. W19 have some hidden talent and there are some great dancers in amongst our class. I can't wait to see what the next weeks bring us.   To end our awesome and busy week we played some team building games because it's been a long two weeks and we need to get back into the habit of working as a team and making sure no-one gets left behind. We played in our

Farewell Miss Langi we will miss you.

We are going to miss you Miss Langi and our buddy class is not going to be the same without you but we know that you will come back and visit us when the time is right. We wish you all the best with baby and we send you all the love and light as you take on this new journey of motherhood. we hope you liked our gifts and song Thank you and God bless.

The Measles are not getting us down.

This week we have had a measles outbreak in our school but that hasn't stopped us from getting the mahi done! We had our whole school cross country this week and we come ready to win. All our morning fitness runs have definitely helped to prepare us for today. All houses looked amazing but I think Piwakawaka looked the best not being bias at all. Very proud of the whole of Whakapono 19 everyone participated and contributed group points for their house, Well done to Pukeko for winning the most points overall and also big congratulations to out top 10 runners good running everyone.  Wednesday we had our buddies from W20 come and join us we opened up our classes and moved some tables around to cater to our big numbers but we still stayed focused and got our work done Well done W19 and W20 for your awesome work. Whakapono 20 doing some paintings with their reliever showing off their awesome art skills.